Engage, analyse, and grow your audience through reactions

Reactric allows audiences to react to your content in a snap. Discover an amazing form of engagement, analytics, and growth.

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Our product will help your blog grow

Engage with reactions

Our reaction panel will allow people to react to your articles without logging in. This is guaranteed to significantly boost your readers' engagement and enjoyment.

Moreover, you can choose from one of our several reaction panel designs, or make your own.

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Learn using analytics

We collect, and procees a large amount of data automatically through our plugin. Each and every one of your articles is analysed.

Using this data, we give you access to insightful information such as the number of views, number of positive and negative reactions, and the engagement ratio of your audience.

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Little things that set us apart

Easy to install

Setting up Reactric on your blog is extremely easy and only takes a few minutes.


Our reaction panels are simple, and look good on all the different screen sizes.

Tags & structure

We structure your content with the relevant topics, entities, and tags automatically.


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